Bathroom fittings and accessories distributor in Dubai

Bathroom fittings play a tremendous role in every building construction. How modern the living room can be but that doesn’t matter. Neatness of the bathroom and the toilets matters more. Both in the commercial and in domestic, people pay more attention in decorating their washrooms. Rubaiya Zueaid Building Materials Co. (L.L.C.) work on the qualities based on the interest the bathroom fittings arrive in new genre.

We are one of the leading brand works as bathroom accessories distributors in UAE, have well trained professional who carries a variety of designs to their dealers. The bathroom fitting and sanitary ware market in Dubai stands a step head over the others. Dubai has every innovative building and hotels. Where, the bathroom fittings needed to be given more importance to make the people visit frequently.

What we offer?

Bathroom fittings:
Bathroom fittings like shower, pipes, whirlpools, tubs are available in variety of designs in markets. A new revolution is being made in the era of bathroom design and delivering a good product. Now we can say that gone all the old way of flushing. New flush plates are being installed in every home of Dubai.

Bathroom accessories:
Bathroom accessories on the other hand which, add more beauty to the bathroom. From the soap and the bottle holder to the flush hook bathroom accessories makes the bathroom look more attractive. The towel rack, washroom panel, clean out, angel cock, soap dish more and more accessories is being landed to the market every year. We provide number of quality bathroom accessories and thus recommended by people as one of the best bathroom accessories distributors in UAE.

New designs:
The bathroom fitting which is installed is less space consuming and more water savings. More automation is being applied in our bathroom fittings where the flow of the water and level of its consumption is being controlled with the sensor monitoring techniques. Than the previous models the new models of bathroom fitting are easy to be maintained and accessed. Designers make it more user friendly for the people to access it.

Why to choose RZBM L.L.C. as bathroom fittings and accessories distributor?

Both bathroom fittings and the bathroom accessories are being bought in huge number, since it had attracted a vast crowd of new generation people. We work as one of the best bathroom fittings distributors Dubai with the team of experts do fabulous job in bringing new innovative products to the buyer’s market.

We started to deliver the new innovative product. We also carry the people’s requirement to the industries. The product is designed in such a way that accessories can hold many things in less space.

Dubai’s market already had captured the people’s attention and we distributors made the crowds number to increase by delivering an on time product.

For any requirement of bathroom fittings and quality accessories you can choose us for the best service.

We never work on time bounding thus we have crown of one of the best bathroom fittings distributors Dubai.

RZBM always tends to maintain branding and quality for distributions of bathroom accessories and materials like; Angle valve, brasses, sets, gate valves FXF, Strainer brass and even self sealed or automatic air vent products.