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Our Ideologies

  • Do It Right Every Time
  • Teamwork Creates Success
  • Recognize Performance
  • Achieving Goals Is Rewarding
  • We Respect The Dignity Of Each Individual
  • We Are Proud Of Our Company
  • Keep One Another Informed
  • Keep Our Customers Satisfied


To treat every employee as an individual with dignity ensuring that everyone at Rubaiya Zueaid Building Materials Co (LLC) feels he owns part of the company and contributes to its growth and development through open communication channels with senior management, continuous training and education, and through incentives related to the overall performance of the division or company. We strive to create a safe, rewarding and challenging working environment for our employees.


Always offer our customers our best possible services that should remain better than our competitors, and thus ensuring that this customer becomes loyal to our services because their interests are better served when dealing with us. We seek to provide our customers with superior products and innovative business solutions to help them grow.


Maintain the highest possible standards of honesty, ethics and integrity in all aspects of our business, especially with suppliers, subcontractors, employees, governments and society at large and complying with the laws of the country we operate in.


To ensure we remain leaders in the building materials industry through continuous innovation and expansion of our limits and capabilities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an industry leader, focusing on the following:

  • Quality – We strive to provide quality products and services.
  • Integrity – Our word is our promise and we keep our promise
  • Customers – We serve to satisfy, increase accessibility, services and to maximize value to our customers.
  • Cost Effective – We provide cost-effective products since our products are imported directly from the manufactures.

Our Mission

Our goals are to continually grow the added value to the products we offer and to continually improve our services to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and needs allowing us to grow our business and provide a reasonable return to the owners of this business.