Herz valve distributors

Over decade engineering has underwent so many up gradations and innovations. In distribution of HERZ valves Dubai, we supply renovated and enhanced products with latest technologies to our customer. Rubaiya Zueaid Building Materials Co. (L.L.C.) provides enormous goods to our customers who have placed a colossal trust on us. Our team of experts works round around the clock in getting the requirement of the customer and improving the products in way they expect.

Delivering the virtuous product to needy customer is not where our service ends. Working for their betterment brings us the actual success and thus we work as one of the quality HERZ valve distributors in Dubai. To stand ahead from our competitors our trained professional of suppliers is being our success partners in establishing our business.

RZBM Co. (L.L.C.) is one of the distributors of manufactured armature HERZ valves in Dubai. We work across the different parts of the UAE since more than 12 years. In HERZ product, we first started our business in distributing valves, later we supplied a variety of engineering goods and supply it to many industries all over the world.

Our qualified and experienced staffs plays an important role to make us a leading valve suppliers in UAE.

What do we distribute HERZ valves?

Our supply of products are based on three main divisions


  • i. Room thermostats
  • ii. Control valves
  • iii. Thermostatic valves
  • iv. Port valves
  • v. Ball valves
  • vi. Pipes& connection


  • i. Pressure reducers
  • ii. Drain valves
  • iii. Backflow preventers
  • iv. Mixing valves


  • i. Ball valves
  • ii. Strainers
  • iii. Accessories

We distribute almost all varieties of HERZ valves. The most important type’s valves are the solenoid valves and the control valves.

Control valves:

Control valves are used to control the flow of the fluid which passes through it. The control of the fluid is done either by the controlling the direct flow or by controlling the physical phenomenon like pressure, temperature and level of the fluids.

Solenoid valves:

Solenoid valves are the electro-mechanical valves. The valve operators only when the coils are being energized to electric current. Eventually the magnetic field is developed in valve which pulls up the plunger to start the process. It has two of controlling the ON-OFF function of valve.

HERZ valves Dubai is one of our new zeal of business growth we focus on. Where, our customers in United Nation Emirates are giving us tremendous support for being their trustworthy suppliers over years. You can pick us for the any business requirement of engineering products. As one of the best HERZ valve distributors in Dubai, we always ensure that our customers are being delivered with right products and any feedback from the customers we distributors whole heartedly accept and work for the betterment.