We at RZBM have a huge range of Crane Valves & accessories. Our professional sales team will tailor you the right materials to suit your industrial requirements. We have 28 years of experience in different categories of mechanical valves. In RZBM you will have all your solutions for valve requirements.

Crane valves distributors in Dubai

Valves are used to control the flow of liquids, gases, or other mixtures. It is a device that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluids or gases, liquids, fluidized solids or even slurries. These are operated by opening and closing passageways. Normally in valve, fluid flows from high pressure to low pressure. Our crane valves include motorized valves, thermostatic radiator valves, bypass valves, heating systems control valves etc. RZBM is one of the best crane valves distributors in Dubai offers variety of self sealed and temperature control crane valves distribution services.

Rubaiya Zueaid Building Materials Co. (LLC) offer rugged crane valves that come in threaded, soldered or socket welded ends and 1-piece, 2-peace and 3-piece body configurations.

Key features of our Crane Valves:
– The fully offered materials are stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, lead free brass, and bronze.
– 100% Factory testing for quality assurance
– Fully rated and certifies

Crane ball valves have already gained wide acceptance in industrial segments for their accurate machining and strict procedures ensuring that quality is built into every valve. Crane Valves are used for in the industry of chemical plants, refineries, paper mills and industrial construction projects.

Why our Crane Valves?

Pressure safe:
2 Piece styled design with 2000 CWP provide larger port opening, equivalent to other competitive options. Stems are inserted from within the body to provide a pressure-safe design.

All CRANE bronze and brass ball valves are furnished with stem seals of PTFE to assure a long lasting positive seal. Their handles are threaded which are soldered.

Protection of stem and jam:
Zinc plated carbon steel or stainless steel end valves are provided, which is then covered with plastic sleeve where ‘crane’ is impressed on them. Valve handles are firmly attached to the stem with jam nuts.

Each of the valves is air-tested individually, in order to ensure the double block quality of seals and also to test the integrity of pressure parts.

Easy maintenance:
Maintenance of the valve includes the following steps, like tightening the packing gland screw clockwise as needed. Excessive tightening will increase the torque required to operate the valve. It has to be ensured that only tighten till the leak stops. A main point to keep in mind is that to do not disassemble valve while under pressure.

RZBM is one of the lead crane valves distributors in Dubai and offer following international suppliers’ materials and crane valves;
– ANBI Group
– Ultimate Trading Company LLC
– Abu Saeed Trading Co LLCs
– Bisan Trading
– Super Building Materials & Tools Trading
– Al Samah Trading Of Pumps Engines and Valves
– Fabcon Building Materials Trading LLC
– Starlight International

Rubaiya Zueaid Building Materials Co. (L.L.C.) also provides highest grade of Danfoss valves, Gate valves and Honeywell valves in Dubai. We maintain the credibility along with durability thus dealing as one of the best crane valves distributor.